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Heat Heat is no Longer abarrierbarrier


For decades, innovation in aerospace has been limited by old methods of thermal management that just can’t keep up. Those days are over. This is the era of further, faster and cooler. Welcome to the new age of aerospace technology.

IncrementalDoesn’t FlyAnymore.

The zero-risk mentality of yesterday can’t fuel the zero-boundaries breakthroughs of tomorrow. Across every aerospace sector, an innovation imperative is empowering the new guard and leaving the incrementalists in the afterburn.

We are here to enable bold ambition, whether it’s commercializing supersonic flight, pioneering interplanetary travel, or whatever else is on your zero-boundaries agenda.

Our Solutions

LessLess Weight.MORE COOL.COOL.

At one-third the size and weight, with three times the cooling capacity of legacy thermal management equipment, it’s clear that our X3 Series of thermal management systems are not here to play incremental games.

Our solutions



The future is now


More Efficient


The Size and Weight

Boxes Checked

  • Sole-Sourced on Major Platforms
  • AS9100 Certified
  • 100% American Made
  • Field Tested at Mach 1, 27 G’s of force, and 14,000 PSI
  • CMMC Cybersecurity Compliant
  • Flight-Tested TRL 9 Products

Could your moonshot be any cooler?

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